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Alabama Weather

Wacky Weather

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This community is for fans of weather. Doesn't matter if you are in Alabama or not. If you want to talk about it, go ahead! Everything doesn't have to be *just* about Alabama.

The weather in Alabama is wacky, to say the least. Let's all join and see if we can make any sense of this, or HEY! Prove the weather man wrong! *boogle!*

Right now there is only rules:
All pictures are to go behind a LJcut.

I don't want any other rules. And so, don't make me add any! =)

Come on, join! =)

Your mods is a wife, trekkielady and husband, antman1nonly team. That way if one of us gets lazy, the other one can give them a swift kick to the arse to get busy. =)